Why This System Works And How

This is just a quick explanation of how and why our Flywheel Accelerator© works. OK, imagine you are on a tandem with somebody else on the back. The fact that there are two people pedaling the bike means that the energy used to move the bike is shared between both riders, following me so far?

Alright, good, now instead of being on a tandem, you are on a single bike, and instead of there being two people pedaling, there is only one, plus our device, which does exactly the same as a second rider, if not more. Because of its design (Trade secret I'm afraid, so you will have to take my word for it) The Flywheel Accelerator© using a circular force, and attached by a chain to the bikes pedal cogs, assists the rider the same as the second guy on a tandem. So in conclusion, it is much easier to pedal the bike, and it makes the bike go faster by the sheer force it produces. As soon as we finish the prototype, there will be a full video showing everything to you, including speed, and when I say speed, you won't believe your eyes. Until then I hope this simple explanation gives you an insight into how this device in different configurations, will become a green energy favourite.