What's to stop anybody duplicating this in their own garage?

04 Mar

So, what is stopping your average Joe from reproducing what the inventor has spent the last 19 years developing?

 How about we start with 19 years! If this were something that could be easily duplicated by anyone, big companies, small companies, scientists, engineers - they would have done it by now, wouldn't they?

Extract from the Cambridge English Dictionary 

inventor meaning, definition, what is inventor: someone who has invented something or whose job is to invent things.

That is a really demeaning statement, 'whose job it is to invent things'  It does not take into account the endless attempts of inventing something - and failing, the sleepless nights going over those failures and trying to fathom out why and what happened, so the next attempt is an improvement. Oh,and not forgetting that the inventor may have a job, but still spends the majority of his spare time persuing the passion of his life! Ever think about that one!

This is a bit of an angry blog today, because I am privileged to know this first hand, I know the inventor personally.

I was surfing the internet and out of curiosity, I typed in 'what has been invented in the past 20 years'

Buzzfeed lists their 14 most prolific 'Inventions' (And I use that word very lightly in this case)

14 Lifechanging Inventions From The Past 20 Years

1. The Internet

2. Email

3. MP3 Players

4. DVDs

5. Gameboys

6. Digital Cameras

7. iPads

8. GPS

9. The Wii

10. Youtube

11. Furby

12. Hybrid Cars

13. E-Book Readers

14. Google Glass

Look at the list, there is probably 2 things on it that are going to help us keep this planet - 2 - out of 14, it's unbelieveable what we are becoming, a boring people of nations.

It's time to wake up and smell the pollution

That's it, I am done venting, it's time to make a change.