What Is Unique About The Flywheel Accelerator©

14 Mar

Firstly, The Flywheel Accelerator© is totally green, inasmuch, it does not require electricity or fuel to operate it. It can be connected as the output device to any energy generator, i.e. Electrical power generator, solar panel energy, wind power turbine, water turbine, you name it, The Flywheel Accelerator© can produce more energy output than it's input. What makes it unique is the fact that all of the above facilities to produce power, already exist, so the costs of incorporating our device into their products is minimal. Henry Ford produced the first Model T in 1908. That was a feat unto its own, but what transpired from that was the assembly line. Now it is one of the most powerful tools in the world. Adding our device to any assembly line would be as simple as adding an extra element to the line. 

Just some food for thought, cheap to manufacture, zero cost to run, sounds like a plan to us.