This Guy Has Got It Right

29 Mar

Dale Vince - Owner of Ecotricity, and likes to be known as an environmentalist, not a businessman, quote "Bit of an insult that" Bought a football club in 2010 and proceeded to turn the club green and the food vegan. What a player, good on you. He says that 20% of the electricity used by the club is from the solar panels on the roofs of the stadiums and the rest comes from the grid, all wind turbine powered. So not only is this the first club to go vegan but they are the first to become totally green........

Now imagine if he had the flywheel accelerator© installed at the clubs ground, he could then produce up to 40% power from his solar panels and increase the output of his wind turbines. Hey Dale, maybe worth giving us a call!!

Check out the video page for a you tube presentation of this amazing man and his all green football club