The Way Electric Vehicles Should Be Working

19 Apr

Electric Vehicles - The Future Setup

A - The Electric Car Of The Future With Flywheel Accelerator"© Installed

The electric vehicle of the future will have the Flywheel Accelerator© installed, which contrary to the belief of all engineers, produces more output than input, therefore strategically placed in the EV car, will allow the batteries to be recharged as the vehicle is, read on

B - Charging Stations - NOT NEEDED!

No range anxiety, because there will be no need for recharging stations.

C - Tax Dollars - NOT NEEDED!

No Subsidy, none of YOUR tax dollars being spent on inefficiency.

D - Power Stations - NOT NEEDED!

No reliance on fossil fuels at all, now isn't that progress?

Again, I will leave the conclusion of this blog entirely up to you, I am just stating the obvious.