The Truth About The Electric Vehicle

19 Apr

Electric Vehicles - The Present Setup

A - The Electric Car As It Is Now - GOOD IDEA!

The electric car is a good start to conserving energy, but it hasn't really been thought out. There are still requirements from existing energy guzzlers that are required to keep this car running, and that's a backward step.

B - Charging Stations - NEEDED

Range anxiety, that's big as far as EV car owners are concerned, how far can you go before you need a recharge? How long does the recharge take? How much does it cost? Is the recharge station working? So may questions, and no answers.

C - Tax Dollars - NEEDED

Governments are subsidizing the charging stations with your tax dollars, so it doesn't matter if you own an EV car or not, you are definitely paying for it!!! Canada, the United Kingdom, China, India, they are spending millions on these inefficient stations, and guess what, some fat cat is making a killing from it, and does he care if it's not work it out.

D - Power Stations- NEEDED

So, let's look at what we have:

A - A car that doesn't require conventional fuel to run.

B - It needs recharging every X miles/kilometres.

C - Whether you own one or not, you are paying for it. 

Last but surely not least:

D - The prime source of energy to supply power to the charging stations comes from fossil fuels (80% at last count). So we have come full circle and produced an Electric Car that depends on fossil fuels to keep it going......Progress?

I will leave the conclusion of this blog entirely up to you, I am just stating the obvious, it's about time the blinkers came off.