St. Patricks Day March 17

19 Mar


St Patricks day (Not St pattys or anything that resembles that word) is a day that is celebrated every year.

Now let's make it better for you next year. When you woke up Sunday morning and checked you wallet, Did you gasp at how much you spent?

OK, let's do a short list:

Clothes for event $XX

Bus/Taxi to event $XX

Bar cover charge $XX

Drinks $XX

Food $XX

Energy for electricity in bar $XX (Not directly but certainly in the price of your cover charge/drinks/food)

Taxi home $XX

Hangover cures $XX

Now, how would you like to reduce that money spent.........BY HALF!

You can, support The Flywheel Accelerator© and it will happen.... Subscribe and confirm for updates. But only if you really care about your future!

March 17th is green - shouldn't the earth be?