02 Mar

"Range Anxiety"

Electric cars are the way forward into the future, but they will only take off if the public is fully confident that they will not be stranded because there is not a quick charging station available within range of their batteries. This is a costly venture.

Ontario: The Ontario government alone committed $22 million in the 2017 budget for a network of public charging stations across the province.

Imagine how many Flywheel Accelerator© devices could be bought for $22 million?

Range anxiety is not the only concern:

"Charging Trauma"

Extract from the New York Times - But there is another obstacle: charging time trauma. Compared with a five-minute pit stop at your local gas station, charging an electric vehicle is a glacially slow experience. Modern electric cars still often need an entire night to recharge at home, and even at a commercial fast charging station, a fill-up can take an hour or more.

The list goes on, but all this can be eliminated if the Flywheel Accelerator© was fitted to these vehicles, why? Because there would be no need for charging stations, the acelerator will fully charge your vehicle as you drive, car, bus, tractor trailer, it doesn't matter, it can be adapted to any vehicle.

An example, quoted in the Toronto Sun, a family, who went on a trip, stopped at a charging station to recharge, the charger didn't work, had to book a hotel room for the night, costing them more money and ruining a trip. This would not have happened if the accelerator was fitted to their car. We have developed this device to assist the EV industry, as well as many others, so "Help us, to help you"