March 11 2018

11 Mar

Times a ticking by, time and tide wait for no man, there must be hundreds of sayings about time. The one true saying is, you will never get it back.

If there was ever a time in our existence where we need to make a positive decision, it's now. We have invented the technology that can help us move forward to a cleaner future

Free Green (No Cost) Energy

Let's look at those words and analyze them:


Something that is unencumbered, not physically restrained, at no cost, the list goes on, but in our case it means exactly what it says, it's free because it exists, because it was invented, the parts of the jigsaw have always been there, but it took an inventor and 19 years, to put them all together.


Most of the things in this world that are green promote life, except envy, but that's another story. Nearly all plant life is green, it's nature. It's renewable.

No Cost

Everything has a cost doesn't it? Well yes, but only because humans invented it! No cost in our case, means once the The Flywheel Accelerator© is in place, it will run at no cost.


There are so many definitions of the word energy it would fill a book, we put two words either side of energy to describe our device:


Simple as that, have a happy 11th day

The Magneta Team