Jumping the gun

31 Mar

We have posted about big rigs, hybrid vehicles, solar and wind power, hydro and the suchlike, but will they listen? do they need to listen? the quick answer is NO!

Take big rigs, fuel is expensive, fuel economy is terrible, but will they be first to pull the trigger, no, why? Because they don't need to right now. If fuel goes up in price, the delivery of the product goes up in price, the product goes up in price, and who pays that - you do! The consumer , the end of the line always foots the bill and that is you.

Who cares whether you can get more range from your hybrid vehicle, the government funds charging stations, charging stations use electricity, and who pays for the electricity - You do!

The same with solar and wind power, somebody makes these companies rich - You do!

So lets scale it down a bit to where we started this venture:


As I have said, 1.5 billion bicycles worldwide, 100 - 130  million a year in production, that is amazing.

So if we could help out the bicycle industry, with flywheel accelerator©, to sell more bicycles to a wider audience, wouldn't that be beneficial?

We are not talking only about your real enthusiasts who buy all the gear and have a passion for it. What about that person, no matter what age, with a heart condition that can't afford the gym, and lets face it, who wants to be stuck in there with a bunch of other sweaty people. Someone who can get out in the country, bike for several miles and not lose a breath. That's what we are talking about. Looking after the average person, who wants to keep fit and healthy for the family, without breaking the bank, or worrying about your heart rate. Check out our countdown page, it will countdown for one year, and after that year there will be another 100-130,000,000 of these wonderful machines in the world. Let's help these people out.