FREE GREEN (NO COST) ENERGY! - Great Video - But what does it mean to me?

10 Mar

What does it mean to me?

A very valid question, where shall we start, how about where you live, reducing your hydro bill (Electricity to the Europeans reading this) With The Flywheel Accelerator© installed at generating plants, the same electricity can be produced for less energy in, so reducing the cost of production, and in turn these savings can be passed on to the consumer.

How about your car, say you are getting 10L/100Kms on the highway at the moment and the price of gas is $1.20 Litre. If you drove 500Kms your fuel bill would be $60 (50 X $1.20)

If the manufacturers of cars installed The Flywheel Accelerator© in their vehicles, the range of your car would increase up to 500kms, for the same 10 litres of fuel, so your cost would be $12.00 (10 X $1.20) A savings to you of $48.00 for every 500 Kms driven. Work that out over a year.

The same effect would occur in public transport, road or rail, and eventually air travel as well. All these savings can be passed on to the consumer - you.

But, the most important factor that has not been mentioned yet, the reduction in green house gases, if we can produce the same output for less input, then obviously we require less fossil fuels to produce what we have now. This Company is dedicated to assist any industry achieve a better carbon footprint, for the benefit of everyone.

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