We have said it time and time again, we have invented a device that will produce energy - AT NO COST - Now, how many times will we have to repeat this before somebody looks at it and says, these guys are on to something, maybe we had better get on board with this, because it will change the way we utilize and produce our energy for the future.

I am talking about electricity generating, wind generators, solar panels, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, trucking companies, shipping companies, airlines, bicycle manufacturers. The list goes on and on and on.

We are making huge strides everyday in our research and some entity is going to grasp the whole concept of this and run with it......will it be yours?

A more detailed explanation to accompany the video on the homepage:


The armature rotates on a shaft and is the driving force of The Flywheel Accelerator© and its construction is the heart of why the device works. It's construction is a highly guarded secret.


The stator surrounds the armature and adds the field necessary for the armature to gather momentum and produce higher outputs.

Input Power

The input power is the amount of energy used to wind the armature up to a certain level in a given time (i.e. four revolutions) This allows us to have a reference point for future tests.

Output Power

This is the critical measurement, for the same input power (1Kg) and turns of the armature (4), the difference in output power can be seen, when having the stator either attached or not. When the stator is not attached, it is purely the free running rotational speed that produces the power output (5.5Kgs) But when the stator is attached, for the same input power (1Kg) the output power increases to more than 22Kgs. Now, would any engineer like to take a shot at explaining that. No, I didn't think so, unless you have a spare 19 years to do it!

So, in mathematical terms 22/5.5 = 4; therfore with the stator in, we have a minimum of 400% increase than with the stator out - Free Energy!

The measurement with the stator in broke a 22.6kg line and a 22kg gauge used to measure the output power. See pictures below:

The end result is that we have a confirmed secondary source, in other words, if we have a primary source, which could be anything from a battery, solar power, wind turbine power, water turbine power, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles etc etc etc. We can produce more energy output than input, so being more efficient for the same power in, or producing the same power out for less power in, so conserving energy.

Keep coming back to our website, as we are updating our findings daily.

Thank you for your interest in Magneta Dynamics